Monday, December 21, 2009

EcoAsset Solutions: Responsible Solutions that Prove the Value of Enterprise Sustainability

My name is John Wakefield and I lead the EcoAsset Solutions division for Lykes Bros.  If you are involved with a government entity; a corporation that manufactures and sells consumer food or beverage products, for example; a large landowner; or a local college or university, I hope you'll participate in this blog and recognize EcoAsset Solutions as your best available resource for any sustainability analysis, advisory or management need.

In a nutshell, EcoAsset Solutions provides responsible solutions that prove the value of enterprise sustainability.  We understand that any investment must demonstrate economic value and a sustainabiliy investment is no different.  With that as a guiding principle, our environmental science and project teams aim to prove that value to your organization--because your success is our success.

So what makes us different?  We are an enterprise sustainability solution provider; not a point solution provider.  A point solution provider tries to solve a single problem... often without regard to other related issues.  EcoAsset Solutions provides an integrated solution that establishes the sustainability infrastructure that your enterprise must have to manage and achieve your organizational sustainabiliy goals more effectviely over a longer period of time.  This sustainability infrastructure that we refer to at EcoAsset Solutions has four crucial components.

  1. Technical Analysis Using the Best Available Science
  2. Innovative and Practical Action Plans
  3. Vital Education and Training for Stakeholders
  4. Essential Sustainability Data Resource Management
I hope you find our blog insightful and useful.  We have a very bright and capable team that continues to grow.  Please contact anyone on our team if you would like to discuss responsible sustainability solutions for your organization.  And happy holidays to you and your family.

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