Monday, February 6, 2012

Engage Your Employees In Sustainability With SuMo

A recent Ernst & Young survey found that Employees were ranked as the 2nd most important stakeholder group (customers being #1) for a company's sustainability programs and reporting efforts.Yet, we continue to hear from organizations that they struggle with effectively involving their entire employee base beyond the typical Green Team volunteers. So, we are very excited to introduce what we believe is a simple yet powerful solution - SuMo !

SuMo, short for Sustainability Momentum, is a desktop application (widget) that connects your employees with your organization's sustainability goals. Sitting on every employee's desktop, SuMo allows your employees to:

  • learn about your organization's sustainability vision and goals
  • see their up-to-the-minute individual and group carbon performance
  • receive practical suggestions for improvement
  • communicate their feedback via the power of "crowdsourcing" or more specifically "crowdvoting"  to promote or demote ideas created by others in the organization. 

Take a few minutes to watch this introductory video on SuMo and let us know if you would like to see a live demo.

John Ferrari
EcoAsset Solutions

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