Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Implementing a Climate Action Plan Recommendation

We are all well aware of the increasing gas prices (27 consecutive days of increased pricing). After starting my hour long commute with a stop at the gas station only to rush into traffic with everyone else that is making the journey to downtown Tampa. I begin to look at all of the vehicles around me and 99% of us are all driving solo. I have been making this commute for over a year, and I recognize many of the same vehicles and their bumper stickers.
I have looked into commuting options before, and found one option that seemed more like a journey than a commute to work, it consisted of me riding my bicycle to the bus stop and then taking two different buses to finally end up ½ a mile from my office 2 hours later. A total of 4 hours a day commuting was not feasible option for me.  
However during my commute today I remembered a Climate Action Plan recommendation that EcoAsset’s made to a municipality to increase participation in their existing rideshare program that had a very low participation rate.  The rideshare program is a way to connect you with others that live and work close to you and have the same work schedule, which would be an ideal carpool situation. Rideshare is a great way to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and greenhouse gas emissions.
Today I found out that the Tampa Bay area also has a rideshare program, TBARTA. I signed up today and hope you do too. Maybe next week there will be one less car sitting in the rush hour gridlock.

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