Friday, April 22, 2011

Bringing Sustainability to Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

The healthcare sector has significant untapped potential to realize economic, environmental and social value by investing in sustainability.

According to the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, the healthcare sector uses:
  • 836 trillion Btu of energy annually, costing $6.5 billion each year;
  • Between 68,750 to 298,013 gallons of water annually (for hospitals with a range of 133-510 beds); and
  • Generate 6,660 tons of waste per day, costing $15 billion each year for solid waste disposal alone

EcoAsset Solutions has adapted our Sustainability Management System approach to serve a variety of clients on sustainability initiatives, including local governments, small and medium sized businesses, and community colleges.   We have customized our solution for hospitals and medical facilities and structured a partnership with Mohamad Kasti (Chief Transformation Officer) and the USF Health - Center for Transformation and Innovation (CTI) to deliver deeper value and expertise.  USF CTI helps healthcare organizations transform themselves through strategy, leadership and innovation.

"This partnership is s natural offering under our innovation institute, whose mission is to help healthcare organizations translate innovative solutions from other industries to reduce cost, improve quality and increase patient satisfaction," said Mohamad Kasti, Chief Transformation Officer at USF Health-CTI. "EcoAsset Solutions is a leader in this domain and we are excited to join our efforts."

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