Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Join us in our pursuit of doing the right thing for those that have a stake in the future of how we do business today.

Happy New Year everyone!

Our team is really fired up for 2012 and our BLOG is going to be a big part of it. We will be posting regularly and encourage followers to post comments and help us keep the blog content fresh and cutting edge. Our team is specialized, passionate and dedicated and you will come to know that for yourself as you read blogs from all of our professionals.

As you can tell from my blog title, my prediction is that 2012 will be the Year of the EcoAsset.

What do I mean by that? It's rooted in the EcoAsset Solutions TradeMarked definition of SUSTAINABILITY.

sus•tain•a•bil•i•ty - noun - a business management practice that generates high performance and financial returns by placing managerial priority on natural resource impact, employee well-being and the communities served.

In the Year of the EcoAsset, organizations (both public and private) will recognize that EcoAssets are an untapped source of economic benefit.

BUT, it will require one very important, yet simple, action on the part of an organization's c-suite or executive management. Sustainability value starts and stops with DATA! and the implementation of a Sustainability Performance Management System. And folks, I am here to tell you that Excel spreadsheets will not do the trick.

Your Sustainability Performance Management System needs to be cloud-based so that it is dynamic enough to render valuable results. (...said another way,...your people need to be able to use the valuable data about your organization to generate value from it). I know, we think of everything.

Our cloud-based Sustainability Performance Management System allows your key people such as - sales and marketing representatives, operational managers and human resource staff - to leverage your investments in sustainability and the related data to their advantage. Excel is simply too limiting if you're looking for valuable results...and I know that's what everyone is after, especially these days.

Our approach is critical for achieving measurable results that make a difference for your organization, such as:

• Creating financial gains through competitive differentiation
• Reducing costs and increasing efficiencies
• Decreasing consumption of natural resources
• Accelerating stakeholder engagement
• Attracting and retaining top talent

Make a New Year's resolution. Move your Excel based sustainability data into the cloud. We will make it affordable, painless and convenient. All you will have to do is realize the value from sustainability.

Join us in our pursuit of doing the right thing for those that have a stake in the future of how we do business today.
All the best,

John Wakefield

President & COO

EcoAsset Solutions

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